“Lemme See Your Tongue!”

I’ve been slacking in my blogging world lately, if you couldn’t tell. I have been thinking a lot about what I want to write next, document and share. I’ve even been writing brief notes in my trusty little note-keeper on my iPhone. Today, however, is different. I just had to share some fun pictures and video of Mila and Me playing.

"Happy baby!"

"Show me your tongue"

"There's your tongue!"

We did this for a bit until I clicked on the video camera…

Not sure how going back to work next week is going to be. I just love being home with Mila. And who wouldn’t? 🙂

Mila’s First Accident

October 13, 2011. Sometime around 3pm. Clear skies, heavy traffic. Speed approximately 20 miles per hour.

My cousin was driving down a busy road coming from the mall going home to meet her kids at the bus stop. I was in the passenger’s seat; all of us buckled in safely. Traffic was a nightmare and we were hoping to make it back in time. Mila was sleeping soundly in her rear-facing car seat. Ella was making her usual noises, refusing to sleep. Kim and I were chatting along, talking about how we should have left a few minutes earlier.

Out of what seemed to be nowhere came a deer. POUND! It hit the window of the van on the passenger’s side. We didn’t see it coming and were shocked that a deer was even in the vicinity with all of the traffic noise. I must have been in mid-sentence because I had glass in my mouth. Kim immediately stopped the van and slowly pulled over to the shoulder. She asked if I was ok and in a flash we were checking on the babies. Mila was screaming and Ella was surprisingly asleep!

A few people stopped to ask if we were ok. Kim moved the van across the street to a driveway owned by a nice family that suggested we pull off of the narrow road. We spent hours chatting with this family and with the cops when they arrived. Several people went off looking for the deer or any sign of it. Kim’s husband arrived to take us all home while the tow truck took the poor, damaged van to the shop.

Here is the aftermath:

I’m so proud of Kim for keeping her composure and making sure we were all safe. She handled the accident like a pro and didn’t freak out in the least. She was shaken up bad and her emotions reached the surface only after she had everything under control. Everyone is fine and we never did find that deer.

Grandma Visits & Mila Turns 2 Months

September 10-14, 2011

My mom and grandmother live in sunny Florida, 1,060 miles away. It’s not often that my mom gets to visit. In fact, she’s been here twice in the last few years, once when I had Mila and once right before Mila turned two-months-old. We were so excited for her visit that we planned a trip to Atlantic City, (which she hadn’t been to in a decade or more), special dinners and Mila got a pretty dress. We had a blast and can’t wait to visit Florida next month so Mila can meet her great-grandma!

Mila & Grandma chattin'

Mila's so relaxed with grandma

Mila's 2 months! And she looks confused. haha

At two+ months, Mila’s growing strong!

  • 13 lbs 11 oz; 98th percentile
  • 23″ long; 50th percentile
  • Head diameter 40.8cm; 90th percentile