Grandma Visits & Mila Turns 2 Months

September 10-14, 2011

My mom and grandmother live in sunny Florida, 1,060 miles away. It’s not often that my mom gets to visit. In fact, she’s been here twice in the last few years, once when I had Mila and once right before Mila turned two-months-old. We were so excited for her visit that we planned a trip to Atlantic City, (which she hadn’t been to in a decade or more), special dinners and Mila got a pretty dress. We had a blast and can’t wait to visit Florida next month so Mila can meet her great-grandma!

Mila & Grandma chattin'

Mila's so relaxed with grandma

Mila's 2 months! And she looks confused. haha

At two+ months, Mila’s growing strong!

  • 13 lbs 11 oz; 98th percentile
  • 23″ long; 50th percentile
  • Head diameter 40.8cm; 90th percentile

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