Lesson #66: My Lil’ Fatty

August 26, 2011: Who needs weights when you’ve got a baby? It’s actually getting easier to lift my little fatty.


Footnote, October 6: I use “fatty” as a term of endearment. In recent weeks I’ve told Dan to stop using the word “fat” because Mila will have a complex before she’s even 3-months-old. Then I caught myself using the same word and have been working on curbing my tongue. Fat has such a negative connotation that I don’t want Mila to grow up being called or calling other kids “fat”. I went through this myself, (being teased at school) and that was heartbreaking enough.

Newborn Lesson #65: Schedules What?

August 25, 2011: Putting baby on a schedule allows mom to have a schedule again. You know, like bathing and sleeping and cleaning. haha

Day 2 of schedule: Mila slept a glorious 8 hours last night! Woohoo! Now, I’m adding in a scheduled nap. After her 1:45 feeding, she fell asleep…so I put her in her crib and this will now be her afternoon nap.


Update, October 6: As mentioned in the previous post, Mila hasn’t liked this scheduled nap – no matter what time of the afternoon. You’ll see as I go along that this will become the bane of my existence.

The Start of a Schedule

August 23, 2011: We started a schedule today: feeding, bath, bed. By 9pm. Lets see how this works…

August 20 - 1 month, 6 days

Update, October 6: This routine is still going strong! It gets adjusted according to Mila’s daily feeding schedule and in recent weeks, she’s actually been in bed before 8:30. The one important thing I keep telling Dan (and reminding myself) is that Mila still determines the schedule – we have to be flexible and stick to the routine.

We’ve tried many times to add in a scheduled nap in the afternoon, to no avail. The bedtime schedule though, has really stuck.