Lesson #81: Forgotten

September 25, 2011: Once you have a baby, everyone forgets about you.

As I poured my cup of coffee this morning, this is what I saw:

I ran upstairs to my husband and asked, “is it the 25th?”

Yep, it’s our anniversary…our first. It took until after 5pm today until someone (a friend who wasn’t even at my wedding) wished me a happy anniversary. It’s now just about 8pm and I haven’t heard from a single family member, the best man, the maid of honor or any other person that attended my wedding. I just have to laugh. Guess it’s not one of those things people keep on their calendars. When I mentioned this to said friend, she promptly replied, “that’s because you have a child now”.

I’m not even exempt from this. I didn’t forget our anniversary or the date of our anniversary…but I did forget the date altogether! haha

*Update: My father-in-law and my mother both got the date wrong. At least they remembered. 🙂

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