A Thankful 2011

What am I really thankful for this year?

1. For my healthy, little baby girl and how we got to see 4 generations together this year.

.2. For being invited with open arms into a wonderful family.


3. For my dad’s happiness.

4. For my brother, who is the BEST uncle in the world, (yup, after a half hour of screaming, he walks in and Mila smiles)!

5. For my cousin, Kim; there’s so, so many thanks to list.

6. For the absolutely beautiful, loving, kind and compassionate people in my life.

7. For living almost 3 years without busting a single XBox item…or putting my husband up for sale on Craig’s List.

8. For my best friend I am proud to call my husband…and my baby daddy. 🙂 He makes me laugh every day.

9. For a steady, challenging, satisfying j-o-b. And friendly co-workers and clients.

10. For my close-knit little family – especially those watching over us – and for my mom’s patience and my grandmother’s sarcasm.

And lastly, I am thankful for the person I have become and the mother I look forward to being.

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