Lesson #92: Travel Losses

Blow up bath tubs are bad and airplane seat harnesses are useless.


Mila’s grandma and great-grandmom live in Florida; we’re in New Jersey. Since it was Mila’s first trip in an airplane, we borrowed a harness from my cousin that attaches around the baby and then to your seatbelt. It really was pointless. It didn’t stop Mila from leaning forward and it wasn’t tight enough to keep her in a seated position. Maybe I wasn’t using it right…

So that we could keep Mila on the same routine, I purchased an inflatable bathtub for use at my mom’s, (it was extremely easy to travel with). During our first visit, Mila couldn’t quite sit up by herself. Needless to say, she kept sliding. I would hold her up while Dan washed her. It truly was a pain in the butt.

On our next visit, Mila could sit very well on her own, so I thought this time the tub would work nicely. Nope. Dan was so annoyed with it that he threw it aside and just sat Mila on the bottom of the bathtub. Do yourself a favor – save the ten bucks.

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