The “Aww” Moments

From the time I went back to work up to just a couple of weeks ago, I’ve had to cradle Mila in my arms to put her to sleep. She used to lay on my chest and fall right to sleep. When it was no longer just me watching Mila, I guess it was easier for others to cradle her. And that’s how it went…

Not too long ago, I gave Mila her bedtime bottle and lifted her up to burp her on my chest, (something I always do before cradling her down and rocking her). She instantly laid her head sideways on my shoulder and fell asleep. Needless to say, I ate it up. I loved and savored every moment thinking it wouldn’t come soon again. I was wrong. For the last two weeks, I have rocked Mila in this fashion and she’s fallen right to sleep. Hopefully writing about this won’t jinx it.

Tonight, before I could even get Mila up to burp her, her head bobbled over and plopped on my chest. Poor baby was exhausted! It didn’t take long to get a burp and for her to fall asleep on my shoulder. I can only hope this lasts a while longer, because I’m a happy mama!

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