Mila Goes Pickin’!

Yesterday we went pickin’! Mila and I along with Kim and her three little ones took a trip to Johnson’s Farm for a little peach picking. Turns out, the tour took us to pick corn too! Mila experienced her first farm, hay ride, corn field and orchard all in one day!

We took the hay ride across the farm into the orchard full of peach trees. We walked around, found what should be the juiciest peaches, (“redder is better”) and picked them. I held her and let Mila choose a peach. She stretched, pointed and reached up to grab her peach. After I picked and handed it to her, she took a big ol’ bite out of it! I must say, she picked one of the best peaches I have ever tasted.

July 30, 2012
12 months, 6 days

After our stop at the orchard, we took the scenic route to the corn fields. Along the way we saw rows of huge sunflowers dancing in the afternoon sky. We reached the corn fields and the kids were set loose running through the rows of waving corn. We learned how to pick and came home with armfuls. I can’t wait to do this when Mila can really run around and pick her own!

Mila Gets a Haircut!

12 months, 17 days

Mila’s hair is crazy. She was born with a full head of it and yes, I had heartburn like crazy! As her hair continued to grow, it grew uneven and there were long pieces in the front of each side of her head. Having all this hair is great for pony tails and hair clips and barrettes; it’s not so great for all of these things because Mila began to pull out all the bands and barrettes.

“Stink Face”

When Mila wakes up in the morning, she has a couple of hours playing in her jammies, which means her hair is in her face and eyes. I’m constantly messing with her hair and I finally decided that it was time for a cut!

I took Mila to Kids Kuts hoping that she wouldn’t freak out. Well, she didn’t. The entire experience was quite anticlimactic. She sat in a little red car and watched a little boy get his hair cut. At one point, she noticed there was a steering wheel on her car and she grabbed it and began to twist it left and right, having a grand ol’ time. Mila had her hair trimmed, evened and her bangs cut. It came out cute!


Bath Time!

Last night during her bath Mila said “sit”. This didn’t surprise me, (although I was excited), considering how many times I tell her to sit: in the pool, in her swimmy, in the bathtub, at the backdoor…


July 29, 2012.
One year, 15 days.

Tonight, Mila had a great time in the big girl bath. She splashed and kicked and played. I stuck letters on the side of the tub and she pulled them off. She’s getting used to play time in the bath and it’s a lot of fun to join in and watch.

Lesson #114: Ocupada

Sometimes you have to be inventive, get creative or…just take an idea from another mother. A mother of three usually has great ideas.

July 16, 2012
12 months, 2 days

At the recommendation of my cousin, (that mother of three), I added a few books to Mila’s crib-corner. For the first week or two, Mila would wake up in the morning and instead of crying to be let out, she would go over and grab the books. She’d turn the pages and play until she got bored, at which point, she’d cry to get me. It was a great idea and really seemed to help me get that extra 15-20 minutes of rest in the morning.

I started with stuffed animals in her crib, even before the books. Now that this seems to not be working so well anymore, I think I’ll change it up and add/replace these items with other items and see how that works.

Lesson #112: Yay, New Space!

Let a child do something new and all of a sudden, it’s all she wants to do!

I child proofed the mid-level rooms in our home a few weeks ago, put up baby gates and let Mila on the floor to go wild. She LOVED it! The 3 rooms, (kitchen, dining and sitting rooms) connect in a circle-type way. Mila ignored her toys and instead decided to crawl – fast! – through all the rooms in a big circle, over and over and over. She had a blast!

Lesson #111: Simplicity

You become a minimalist with a baby – especially when they start crawling and walking.

A few weeks ago I was child proofing a few rooms of the house. I swapped out outlets and cleaned up anything within arms reach of an almost-walking-toddler. I found myself finding items and tossing them. Just throwing them away! Why did I even have all this stuff? I don’t need it, don’t use it and it’s only presenting a possible catastrophe. Ok, maybe not that dramatic.