Let’s Potty!

In recent weeks, Mila has begun to tell us when she’s gone “poopoo” and occasionally, “peepee”. I thought, why not get a potty and start getting Mila used to it. A few days ago, her grandmother purchased a “Dora” potty for Mila, so we set it up in the bathroom and explained its purpose to Mila.

At first Mila was excited – that was when she stayed in her PJs to sit on the toilet. She would say, “mommy peepee” and point to the big toilet and, “I pee” and sit on hers.

The first real test was right before her bath. She wanted to “peepee”, so I took off her diaper and told her to sit on the potty. She yelled, “no no no!” and stood next to it staring…as she proceeded to pee all over my floor. Ok, won’t be doing that again.

Only a day or two later, we were in the bathroom and Mila wanted to potty again. She sat down and then I explained that she needed to take her clothes off. Bad choice of words on my part because she began an attempt at removing her shirt. I laughed and assisted her with her pants. She still had her diaper on, but she was sitting on the potty. Little steps; I can handle this.

Mila sat there and sat there until I was ready to leave the bathroom. I told her we were done, but she didn’t want to move. She screamed and yelled, “nooooo! I pee! I pee!”. I eventually had to drag her off the potty and out of the bathroom, kicking. I have a feeling this isn’t going to be an easy task.


Lesson #138: Ouch!

Your toddler can do more damage to your face than you’d think!

November 27, 2012 16 months, 13 days

November 27, 2012
16 months, 13 days

On this day, Mila had her first time-out. After the third “talking-to”, she went into her playpen, downstairs, with no toys, tv or parents. She stayed there for 10 minutes or so and when I brought her out, I talked to her about what she had done wrong. I have no idea if she understood or made any connection, but she hasn’t done this since.

Releasing The Dreaded Bottle

At Mila’s 12-month doctor’s appointment we were told that now is the time to get Mila off the bottle. By 15 months, she should no longer have the bottle at all.

Not only was I flabbergasted by this bomb that was dropped on my reality, (add to that the fact that I’m processing the fact that my baby is now a toddler), I was also told that I wasn’t giving Mila enough calcium. I thought that eventually I would have to ween her off the bottle, so I started to drop the number of ounces I was giving her. Big mistake. I was giving her 9 ounces a day when she should have been getting 16 to 24 ounces. Whoops.

So, I’m determined to correct my error and progress my baby into toddler-hood – kicking and screaming* if need be. I gave Mila a sippy cup full of milk the first few days and she denied it. A big ol’ fat FAIL. She wouldn’t take milk out of anything but a bottle. I tried a different kind of cup, separated her cups, even – juice in sippy cups, milk in cups with straws, but still she wouldn’t bite.

Pffft to bottles!
July 26, 2012
One year, 12 days.

I upped the amount of milk I gave Mila and kept trying to get her to drink out of anything but a bottle. Then one day I cheated. I added a little chocolate powder to her milk. Holy smokes, you’d think it was golden milk! She gobbled it all up. Ok, win one mom.

Great, now I had Mila down to a sippy cup of milk in the morning and a bottle of milk at night – totaling 16 ounces, (she was also getting yogurt for breakfast and cheese snacks to add to her calcium intake). I admit, I wasn’t too anxious to get her off her nighttime bottle. It was part of our routine and I was scared of the consequences: Would she go to sleep? Would it take me an hour to get her down?

So I passed on this and at Mila’s 15 month check up, I confessed to the doctor only that she was still on her bedtime bottle. He urged Mila (uh, me) to get off the bottle completely. So starts the next phase of the dreaded bottle…

Day one: Dan attempted a sippy cup of milk at bedtime. Mila took one sip and tossed it aside. She went down to sleep easily, probably because she was so tired.

Day two: I gave Mila her final milk of the day just before dinnertime. Probably not the best idea since she didn’t eat much during dinner. I gave her a bath and when Dan went to put her to bed, I suggested reading her a book to make up for those few minutes she would have been drinking a bottle. My intention was to calm her into sleep. It seemed to have worked, (knock on wood). It wasn’t quick. It took Dan almost a half hour between reading the book and getting her to finally relax enough to drift off.

What I’ve learned is that everything leading up to this point is what really matters. Getting Mila used to falling asleep by herself really helps when you don’t have a bottle to fill her and drift her off to sleep.

Hopefully this all gets easier. The real challenge will be when Mila’s not with us and we can’t see if she’s getting a bottle of milk or juice.


*Mila didn’t kick and scream. I did. I may still be kicking.  

Lesson # 123: Some Things Never Get Old

Some “toys” are handier than others…

I can understand why Mila’s foot was in her mouth at six-months. She had recently discovered them.

January 28, 2012
6 months, 2 weeks

However, I don’t know why they are back in her mouth at fifteen-months. I guess because she can. Silly girl.

September 2, 2012
1 year, 1 month, 19 days

Bathroom Manner

September 2, 2012
13 months, 19 days

When Mila started sitting up on her own, (and rolling around), I didn’t feel safe leaving her when I went to the bathroom, so I brought her with me. She would sit on the rug and giggle, point and laugh at me. It was so funny and I have no idea what entertained her.

Months later, Dan came downstairs yelling about the cats (again). I asked him what was wrong this time and he proceeded to tell me, “look at the toilet paper in the bathroom! It’s all shredded!”

I couldn’t help but laugh. “That wasn’t the cats, that was your daughter”. I guess I didn’t clean up as well as I thought.

June 26, 2012
11 months, 12 days

I leave a little basket of toys in the bathroom that she can play with while I get ready and that seems to occupy her enough.

By 13-months-old, Mila was reaching for the doorknob in the bathroom. At about 13 and a half months, she opened it, (the door knob is more like  a lever than a knob, so it’s easy for her to reach and pull down). Guess now I have to put her in her crib while I take care of myself.

Mila Goes Jumpin’!

A friend invited us to the Jump Zone on September 14, 2012 (Mila was 14 months old) for a little play date. Mila had so much fun! She ran around, chased other little kids, went on a slide for the first time and bounced on the inflatable obstacle courses. We’ll definitely be visiting again soon.


Kisses for Aunt B!

Kisses for Aunt B!

Mila Versus Sand

Today Mila’s grandparents came over with play sand for her sandbox. This is the first time Mila’s encountered sand, (she hasn’t been to a beach yet). She picked it up and dumped it then tried to eat all the toys — good thing she didn’t try to eat the sand.


Needless to say, she had sand everywhere, but she had fun!


August 26, 2012.
13 months, 12 days.

Mila’s Discovered Her Nose!

This is back from July 22, when Mila was one year, 8 days old.

A couple of weeks ago I asked Mila where her nose was and she showed me then stuck her finger up her nose. No matter how many times I told her, “no, yucky”, she’d further push her finger up her nostril.

Lately, I’ve been trying to get her to point out her belly button. She’s definitely found her belly and today she walked around grabbing her belly and giggling. Soon after I caught her walking around with her finger in her belly button.


Update! It’s difficult catching the things Mila does on camera or video, and quite often as soon as I turn the camera on, she stops whatever it is she is doing. It took a while, but I caught this on camera. She did this so often that I think she became frustrated or had enough of being our monkey. 🙂

September 18, 2012 // 14 months, 4 days.

Mila Gets Pierced Ears! And Colors?

12 months, 20 days.

Yep, so it’s a little late, or a little early, depending on your ear-piercing views. I remember being a kid wishing my mother had done this when I was a baby so I wouldn’t have to experience the anxiety, fear and pain of having my ears pierced. She told me that when she had hers done as a child at the doctor’s office they literally used a needle and thread. Thinking of that now, I wonder how that was managed.

(I’ll spare you the video – I can’t even bear to watch it)

My cousin had her girls ears pierced when they were infants and Dan was just too worried to let me take Mila to have hers done. Well, at one-year-old, I decided I was going to have Mila’s ears pierced. When the doctor punched that hole through Mila’s ear and she SCREAMED at the top of her lungs, it broke my heart. I almost cried!

It didn’t take too long for Mila to calm down, (more time than when she’s had a shot or two, though), so we headed out to a restaurant for lunch. Dan’s idea of treating Mila for her trauma was to allow her to have a box of apple juice – not watered down. I thought it would have been nicer to give her a dessert.

Once we are seated and Mila had forgotten all about her traumatic experience, she turned to the crayons and a coloring paper the hostess gave her. We tried to show her what to do and she started to attempt coloring, then she crinkled the paper and stuck it in her mouth. She then broke the crayons and tried to eat them, too. That’s ok…we’ll try again another time.

One thing I’m excited about — coloring with Mila.

Since we’ve been home, she’s been fine. She’s left her ears alone as if nothing had ever happened. I hope it stays that way.

New Words?

Today as Mila was finishing her corn-on-the-cob, she threw her hands up, yelled “ahhdun!” and handed me her leftover cob. I was so proud of her.

During dinner she noticed the cat and began yelling, “dat!”. I was impressed with how close she came to the actual word.

She’s also getting better and better at pronouncing “more”, (typically said as “mmmm-ah”) and distinguishing when to say it.

It’s funny how right after the doctor asks me if Mila is saying any words, she starts up with them. I’m starting to understand more and more of what she’s trying to communicate and she’s for sure trying to yap something. In fact, she spent almost five minutes the other day talking, yelling and screeching at me and the wall. It was hilarious!