Mila Goes Pickin’!

Yesterday we went pickin’! Mila and I along with Kim and her three little ones took a trip to Johnson’s Farm for a little peach picking. Turns out, the tour took us to pick corn too! Mila experienced her first farm, hay ride, corn field and orchard all in one day!

We took the hay ride across the farm into the orchard full of peach trees. We walked around, found what should be the juiciest peaches, (“redder is better”) and picked them. I held her and let Mila choose a peach. She stretched, pointed and reached up to grab her peach. After I picked and handed it to her, she took a big ol’ bite out of it! I must say, she picked one of the best peaches I have ever tasted.

July 30, 2012
12 months, 6 days

After our stop at the orchard, we took the scenic route to the corn fields. Along the way we saw rows of huge sunflowers dancing in the afternoon sky. We reached the corn fields and the kids were set loose running through the rows of waving corn. We learned how to pick and came home with armfuls. I can’t wait to do this when Mila can really run around and pick her own!

Mila Gets a Haircut!

12 months, 17 days

Mila’s hair is crazy. She was born with a full head of it and yes, I had heartburn like crazy! As her hair continued to grow, it grew uneven and there were long pieces in the front of each side of her head. Having all this hair is great for pony tails and hair clips and barrettes; it’s not so great for all of these things because Mila began to pull out all the bands and barrettes.

“Stink Face”

When Mila wakes up in the morning, she has a couple of hours playing in her jammies, which means her hair is in her face and eyes. I’m constantly messing with her hair and I finally decided that it was time for a cut!

I took Mila to Kids Kuts hoping that she wouldn’t freak out. Well, she didn’t. The entire experience was quite anticlimactic. She sat in a little red car and watched a little boy get his hair cut. At one point, she noticed there was a steering wheel on her car and she grabbed it and began to twist it left and right, having a grand ol’ time. Mila had her hair trimmed, evened and her bangs cut. It came out cute!


Bath Time!

Last night during her bath Mila said “sit”. This didn’t surprise me, (although I was excited), considering how many times I tell her to sit: in the pool, in her swimmy, in the bathtub, at the backdoor…


July 29, 2012.
One year, 15 days.

Tonight, Mila had a great time in the big girl bath. She splashed and kicked and played. I stuck letters on the side of the tub and she pulled them off. She’s getting used to play time in the bath and it’s a lot of fun to join in and watch.

Mila Goes to the Ball Park!

For fathers’ day I gave Phillies game tickets to my dad and Dan. It was a special occasion because it would also be Mila’s first trip to the ballpark.

We had a great time. Dad and Mila had their caricature done before the game and we all had yummy ballpark food.


Mila got her own t-shirt and blow up bat.

Our seats were in what seemed to be the sunniest (hence, hottest) spot in the entire park, so I took Mila walking around the stadium during most of the game. It’s ok, we still had fun and can’t wait for the next trip!

June 24, 2012
11 months, 10 days

She So Boldly Went

It only took 11 months and 8 days. I’ve been told over and over by many to always carry an extra set of clothes — for me! Thank goodness I was at home because Mila just pooed ALL over the both of us.

I have no idea how it happened. I grabbed her to change her and thought, oh yeah, you pooped. Oh my, it’s strong! Oh, wait, what the…. Yep, all over my pants and shirt and her outfit too!


Well put, Star Trek.

Mila’s 1st Easter (2012)

There wasn’t much Mila could do on her first Easter. She was, afterall, not even 9-months old.

Like Christmas, we got Mila and Ella together for a picture. It was chilly outside so before we reached the bunny Kim and I changed the girls out of their bundled outfits and into little spring dresses. Unlike Christmas, we couldn’t get both girls to smile at the same time.


I like coloring eggs, even though this year no one would be hiding nor finding them. My brother, Ryan, came over for the fun while Mila sat in her highchair and watched.

April 1, 2012
8 and a half months.

And of course, Mila had Easter baskets filled with candy, (that mommy and daddy ate), money (that went into Mila’s piggy bank), bubbles and stuffed animals.

Don’t Wait!

I’m so glad we lowered Mila’s crib last month, (February 28th, really – at 7 and a half months). We didn’t want an accident and with her moving around so much and it was just a matter of time before she figured out how to sit up on her own or pull herself up and out of the crib entirely.

This morning, as is our typical routine, I got out of the shower and went into my room to dress. Mila is usually asleep still, and this morning I saw her on the monitor wake up and begin to move around. She wasn’t fussing, just moving around on her belly. I watched her as she sat herself up, (oh my goodness – that’s a first!!), leaned over, grabbed a stuffed bunny and stuck it in her mouth. She sat there, (as I sat in the other room watching), playing and talking to herself and waving to the dim and quiet room. I thought it was so cute I couldn’t tear myself away from the monitor to get ready!

When I was ready, I went into her room to get her ready. She still wasn’t crying or fussing at all – just sitting there playing. This is what I found:

My good little girl…


Mila’s 8 and a half months-old now.

Mila’s 7 Months & Time is Flying!

February 22, 2012.



Mila’s got pig-tails! Mila has always had a lot of hair and now it’s long enough to pull up!





By 7 months, Mila has started her fifth letter sound.

M: “mmm” turned into “ma”, then “mom” back at 4 and 5 months.

B: “ba-ba” and “bee”. Dad’s been trying to get her to say “binky”

D: “dah”, “da” and “da-da” finally came just before turning 7-months. Dan didn’t believe that Mila had said this previously and when he finally heard it (coming from the back seat of the car while we were driving) he grinned from ear to ear!

K: “Kkkeee”, “keekee”. The second was said in response to me continually saying “kit-ty” while pointing to the cats – Mila loves the kitties.

And at 7 months, 1 week, Mila’s started the “t” sound – “titi” or “tee-tee” has been most often heard.

Watching “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse”
before heading out to grandma’s.
February 16, 2011.

Mila has begun to mix all of her new sounds and usually she cries “mama, mummm” when she’s upset and laughs “dada” when she’s happy. I’m not sure how to take it, but I’ll take it. Maybe she sees me as the comforter. Or maybe I’m just a sucker and always come running.

Mila loves to stand and has never liked to be confined. She was only swaddled in the hospital, (which she usually kicked apart) and when she came home, she spent maybe two weeks in zip-up swaddles before she’d had enough. Now that it’s cold out, we have been putting a coat on her and she doesn’t care for it at all. She wants to be free – no socks, no shoes, no coats, nothing!

Mila has taken a trip to grandma and great-grandma’s this month. She has shared her binky and her puff treats with grandma. She’s such a good girl.

Mila has developed a neck (so long rash!) and has begun to whine. She definitely takes after her daddy. By mid-7-months, she has started to squeal consistently…for fun.

We’ve lowered Mila’s crib. It was a sad day of realizing that she’s getting bigger.

Mila tends to wake up in the morning, cry a bit, then occupy herself by playing with her stuffed animals. She’ll find her binky half-way through the night and stick it back in her mouth.

Statistics: coming soon

6 Months: My Rock Star!

It’s Mila’s half-birthday!

Six months was amazing; so many new things! At this point I really can’t pick a favorite age – every month has it’s new joys. By the time

Mila was 6-months-old, she was reaching for things, rolling, and stretching. Mila could sit up on her own and actually preferred it.

We’ve started watching SproutMickey Mouse Clubhouse and Backyardigans.

Mila responds to her name, occasionally.
“Mom” went away and then came back, and Mila finally said, “dah!” We were driving and out of the backseat we hear “da-da!” I looked over to see Dan smiling, ear-to-ear. There was the true sense of that expression at that moment and everything shifted.

Mila has acquired the desire to stand. One day when I came home from work, Dan showed me how he taught Mila to “1, 2, 3…stand”. She loved having her arms lifted and scrambled to a standing position all on her own.

Mila’s first try in a shopping cart seat.
February 10, 2012 (4 days shy of 7 months).

Mila has started scooting, or more precisely, bouncing on her bottom to move around. She’s like an upright bunny!

At some point this month, we stopped using the 3-6 month clothes and her jungle mat was neatly put away for another baby, another time.

Mila’s eating more solids and has attempted a sippy cup and done great! Of course, at the time of writing this, she hasn’t quite done as well since.

Mila drools like crazy, (like a ‘kitchen faucet’, if you ask Uncle Dave P.) and began to mock-chew. I got her puffs and she loves them. Watching her with these is very amusing.

January 28, 2012

I remember thinking back to Mila at only a couple of months old, her head laying on my chest, as I rocked her to sleep. There was one time that I thought, “one day she won’t do this”. Before I knew it, I had to cradle her in my arms to put her to sleep. There is only an occasional, few-and-far-between time that Mila will lay her head on my chest or shoulder and I eat it up!

January 13, 2012

She has started lifting her arms to let us know she wants picked up/out of her bouncer. She puts her own binky in her mouth — even when she’s sleeping.

By the end of six months, Mila was spending more time on her belly and moving in 360 degree circles to get objects she wanted. She’s trying harder and harder to crawl.

I have been back to work for 3 months and the best part of my work day is coming home to an excited, kicking Mila! The whole world disappears when I see that smiling face.


Mila has a puff treat (February 4, 2012):