Silly Girl

I was sorting through photos the other day and found a bunch I either laughed at or said, “aww”.

Halmeoni’s favorite little girl
April 25, 2012
9 months, 11 days

Soundly sleeping with her butt in the air…
April 26, 2012
9 months, 12 days

March 19, 2012
8 months, 5 days

Munching on puff treats/her hand.
April 7, 2012
8 months, 24 days (one week shy of 9 months)

Mila Goes “Ahh!”

Leaving the doctor’s office yesterday we watched Mila take a sip of her drink then proclaim, “AHH!”. It was hysterical and she kept doing it! I don’t know if she just picked that up from Dan, (he does that often) or if he was teaching her to do that. Either way, it was funny.

And then again this morning. You just can’t stop her!


Here Comes Trouble!

June 5, 2012
Almost 11 months.

Watch out! My girl thinks she’s slick. Mila’s starting to test us and her limits. She has even changed her crawl direction to distract me — for real! I was crawling after her (that’s what we do for fun – she giggles and crawls away) when she stopped, turned then turned again. She’s a sly one for sure.

When she sees Dan, she immediately crawls, attempting speed that she doesn’t really have on her knees, because that’s the game: chase after Mila. We all laugh and have a great time.