Hearing Voices

I remember being little and asking my mom when my voice would change. She laughed at me and said that only happens with little boys. I was disappointed because I didn’t much like the voice I was given.

I think about this occasionally when I hear Mila speak. She has such a sing-song voice. It’s so pretty and I hope it stays that way for her.

Lesson #130: Fancy That Up

This is probably one of the best things I’ve ever done. Mila’s changing table is on top of her dresser and started as nothing but a wood cubby hole. When she was very little I added decals* all over the space, (probably after a suggestion from my cousin), to entertain Mila while she was being changed or dressed.

November 4, 2012.
15 months, 21 days.

As she got older, Mila would start pointing at the different animals and I would name them. Now that she’s more than a year old, we go through the animals every night as I lotion her and dress her in her PJs, naming the animals and making the animal sounds. Mila recognized the giraffe right away and is becoming more familiar with the tiger, lion, snake, monkey, kola, hippo, rhino and elephant. She knows that the lion and tiger go “rahh!”, the monkey goes “ooo, ooo, ooo”, and she’s learning that the snake makes a “sssss” sound.

On a side note, Mila has been making the piggy sound for months now (snorting) and we’ve taught her a few others, (the cow says “moo”, for example). It’s been difficult getting this on camera, however, the other day I succeeded!


*I picked up the decals at a local department store for less than ten dollars. One sheet was more than enough to cover the space. 

Lessons #124 to 126: Food, Sacrifice & Unchanging Eating Habits

#124: It’s difficult to eat when your child is screaming. “mo, mo, mo!” for her own food.


#125: No matter how much you are enjoying your dinner or dessert, you will give your last bite to your grunting, open-mouthed child.


#126: You’ll give up things you love for your child.

I gave up beer while I was pregnant. And I give up all my chopped pork in my pork-fried rice (my favorite part), because Mila absolutely loves it.


I wrote this back in July 2011, not long after Mila was born. I can say that more than a year later, not much has changed.

My eating habits progressed from little to nothing (no time to eat) to actually getting to eat, only it was a cold meal. I’ve learned to even juggle: my right hand with a spoon in Mila’s mouth and my left hand with a fork in my mouth.

The other day Mila and I had breakfast with my brother, who so astutely noted that he hadn’t seen me eat or finish a full meal in over a year. It was actually nice to have done so.

Lesson #121: GO, GO, GO!

When a baby becomes bored with something, you find something new to entertain her.

For example, Mila liked sitting in the front of the shopping cart…then she didn’t. She would whine to be picked up or let out so I figured what the hey, let’s put her IN the cart!

August 20, 2012
13 months, 6 days

She loved it! She started yelling, (which you can’t tell from these photos because that pesky binky is stuck in her mouth), “GO, GO, GO!” And thus started her next word addiction.

Of course, I missed the “go, go, go” and she wouldn’t do it again.

New Words?

Today as Mila was finishing her corn-on-the-cob, she threw her hands up, yelled “ahhdun!” and handed me her leftover cob. I was so proud of her.

During dinner she noticed the cat and began yelling, “dat!”. I was impressed with how close she came to the actual word.

She’s also getting better and better at pronouncing “more”, (typically said as “mmmm-ah”) and distinguishing when to say it.

It’s funny how right after the doctor asks me if Mila is saying any words, she starts up with them. I’m starting to understand more and more of what she’s trying to communicate and she’s for sure trying to yap something. In fact, she spent almost five minutes the other day talking, yelling and screeching at me and the wall. It was hilarious!

Bath Time!

Last night during her bath Mila said “sit”. This didn’t surprise me, (although I was excited), considering how many times I tell her to sit: in the pool, in her swimmy, in the bathtub, at the backdoor…


July 29, 2012.
One year, 15 days.

Tonight, Mila had a great time in the big girl bath. She splashed and kicked and played. I stuck letters on the side of the tub and she pulled them off. She’s getting used to play time in the bath and it’s a lot of fun to join in and watch.