Lesson #135: Young at Heart

October 11, 2012 3 days shy of 15 months.

October 11, 2012
3 days shy of 15 months.


Having a child is the greatest enjoyment because you can again be a child yourself: laughing, running around, rolling down hills, picking wild flowers, playing in the rain, jumping in mud puddles, playing at the park, swinging high on swings, zipping down slides…

You live vicariously thorough your baby.

*October 7, 2012; one week away from 15 months.

Mila Goes Jumpin’!

A friend invited us to the Jump Zone on September 14, 2012 (Mila was 14 months old) for a little play date. Mila had so much fun! She ran around, chased other little kids, went on a slide for the first time and bounced on the inflatable obstacle courses. We’ll definitely be visiting again soon.


Kisses for Aunt B!

Kisses for Aunt B!

Mila Goes Pickin’!

Yesterday we went pickin’! Mila and I along with Kim and her three little ones took a trip to Johnson’s Farm for a little peach picking. Turns out, the tour took us to pick corn too! Mila experienced her first farm, hay ride, corn field and orchard all in one day!

We took the hay ride across the farm into the orchard full of peach trees. We walked around, found what should be the juiciest peaches, (“redder is better”) and picked them. I held her and let Mila choose a peach. She stretched, pointed and reached up to grab her peach. After I picked and handed it to her, she took a big ol’ bite out of it! I must say, she picked one of the best peaches I have ever tasted.

July 30, 2012
12 months, 6 days

After our stop at the orchard, we took the scenic route to the corn fields. Along the way we saw rows of huge sunflowers dancing in the afternoon sky. We reached the corn fields and the kids were set loose running through the rows of waving corn. We learned how to pick and came home with armfuls. I can’t wait to do this when Mila can really run around and pick her own!

Mila Goes to the Ball Park!

For fathers’ day I gave Phillies game tickets to my dad and Dan. It was a special occasion because it would also be Mila’s first trip to the ballpark.

We had a great time. Dad and Mila had their caricature done before the game and we all had yummy ballpark food.


Mila got her own t-shirt and blow up bat.

Our seats were in what seemed to be the sunniest (hence, hottest) spot in the entire park, so I took Mila walking around the stadium during most of the game. It’s ok, we still had fun and can’t wait for the next trip!

June 24, 2012
11 months, 10 days

Mila Does The Discovery Museum!

January 16, 2012, (written on July 28, 2012).

Our family and a pair of friends and their 16-month-old son all took a trip to The Garden State Discovery Museum back in January. It’s a little advanced for Mila, (6-months-old at the time), however, we thought it would be fun to go as a double-dating-type of family.

We all had fun.Dan played with dolls; Nate and Frank played with bubbles; Mila and I crawled around in the one place made for a baby of her age…if she just felt like crawling. I took pictures of Mila on the horse and Bernice and I drew with spirographs. It was a great day with great friends!



Mila’s First Accident

October 13, 2011. Sometime around 3pm. Clear skies, heavy traffic. Speed approximately 20 miles per hour.

My cousin was driving down a busy road coming from the mall going home to meet her kids at the bus stop. I was in the passenger’s seat; all of us buckled in safely. Traffic was a nightmare and we were hoping to make it back in time. Mila was sleeping soundly in her rear-facing car seat. Ella was making her usual noises, refusing to sleep. Kim and I were chatting along, talking about how we should have left a few minutes earlier.

Out of what seemed to be nowhere came a deer. POUND! It hit the window of the van on the passenger’s side. We didn’t see it coming and were shocked that a deer was even in the vicinity with all of the traffic noise. I must have been in mid-sentence because I had glass in my mouth. Kim immediately stopped the van and slowly pulled over to the shoulder. She asked if I was ok and in a flash we were checking on the babies. Mila was screaming and Ella was surprisingly asleep!

A few people stopped to ask if we were ok. Kim moved the van across the street to a driveway owned by a nice family that suggested we pull off of the narrow road. We spent hours chatting with this family and with the cops when they arrived. Several people went off looking for the deer or any sign of it. Kim’s husband arrived to take us all home while the tow truck took the poor, damaged van to the shop.

Here is the aftermath:

I’m so proud of Kim for keeping her composure and making sure we were all safe. She handled the accident like a pro and didn’t freak out in the least. She was shaken up bad and her emotions reached the surface only after she had everything under control. Everyone is fine and we never did find that deer.

Mila Goes to the Apple Festival!

October 1 and 2, 2011, (written on July 28, 2012).

The National Apple Harvest Festival in Arendtsville, Pennsylvania was Mila’s first real trip – a road trip at that! She did really well on the 162 mile, almost 3-hour trek. In other words, she slept.

We stopped off at Dan’s parent’s house first to get their SUV for the trip. It made the trip much more comfortable.

We were fortunate enough to have a place to stay, just outside of Gettysburg, with family friends. We made our way there, had dinner and retired for the evening.

This was also Mila’s first experience sleeping away from home, in a bed other than a crib. She did fairly well in the pack-n-play and at some point in the night we found a radio with a mellow station to play and that helped put her back to sleep.

The next day, we headed to the Apple Festival. Our luck was

running low because it rained the night before and it didn’t look like it was going to let up. This event is primarily outside and it was cold. We wrapped Mila up nice in her stroller and she spent a good portion of the day sleeping. I guess that’s what happens at this age, (about 2 and a half months).

We walked around and admired all the crafters and their work; I found switch-plates with snoopy and grabbed them for Mila’s nursery; Dan found a sock monkey that he couldn’t resist; we ate festival food; and we even had a sign made for our front door.

In spite of the rain and the extensive amount of miles away from home, Mila did so well and we had a great time visiting with friends and experiencing the Apple Festival. One of the best things to come from this trip was definitely the apple butter.  There is nothing like fresh made apple butter. Yum!