Bananas for Bananas!

June 17, 2012 11 months, 3 days

June 17, 2012
11 months, 3 days

By this point there’s no surprise that my daughter likes fruit. Mila took a bite out of a nectarine before I could get it from her at the supermarket, she munched on apples, pears and peaches when we went picking, she went silly for strawberries and now she’s bananas for bananas.


She loves walking around with a peeled banana and her cheeks puffed out with a mouth full. Try to take her banana away and she screams. She loves them so much, she starts to eat the peel if you can’t get to her soon enough.

November 5, 2012 Almost 16 months

November 5, 2012
Almost 16 months

But what you may not know is that Mila also likes lemons. Yup, lemons. She’ll make faces, but she’ll keep going back for more. If Mila sees you have a lemon in your drink, she’ll point and ask for it, “peeeass”.

This is just one of the many times she’s encountered a lemon, (September 23, 2012 / 14 months, 9 days).

Bathroom Manner

September 2, 2012
13 months, 19 days

When Mila started sitting up on her own, (and rolling around), I didn’t feel safe leaving her when I went to the bathroom, so I brought her with me. She would sit on the rug and giggle, point and laugh at me. It was so funny and I have no idea what entertained her.

Months later, Dan came downstairs yelling about the cats (again). I asked him what was wrong this time and he proceeded to tell me, “look at the toilet paper in the bathroom! It’s all shredded!”

I couldn’t help but laugh. “That wasn’t the cats, that was your daughter”. I guess I didn’t clean up as well as I thought.

June 26, 2012
11 months, 12 days

I leave a little basket of toys in the bathroom that she can play with while I get ready and that seems to occupy her enough.

By 13-months-old, Mila was reaching for the doorknob in the bathroom. At about 13 and a half months, she opened it, (the door knob is more like  a lever than a knob, so it’s easy for her to reach and pull down). Guess now I have to put her in her crib while I take care of myself.