Outdated Advice & Baby Myths

Let’s break up these “lessons” a bit with a little article posted today on Yahoo’s Shine.

14 Most Outdated Pieces of Baby Advice

Much of yesterday’s baby wisdom has been proven untrue today. We checked in with Parents advisor Ari Brown, M.D., author of Baby 411, to get the scoop on why these old-school parenting facts have become fiction.

By Amanda First

Myth: Infants need to be bathed every day.
The truth: Babies don’t get stinky from sweat the way adults do, so they only need a bath every two or three days (except following a major diaper explosion!). If it’s part of your wind-down routine, a daily bath is perfectly okay too–just moisturize afterwards.

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Newborn Lesson #12

July 27, 2011: Good advice I was recently given: When a baby is crying so hard that she seems to stop breathing, blow in her mouth. The baby will immediately take a breath in and you are that much closer to calming her down.

I’ve used this tactic quite a few times. When Mila gets REALLY angry, she turns red and screams so hard she almost forgets to breath in. The moment I gently breathe into her face, she stops, takes a breath in and the red begins to drain from her face. She doesn’t stop crying altogether, but it does help.