Lesson #98: Pleasures of the Past

It’s funny how your past creeps into your present.

Soon after bringing Mila home, I caught myself putting her to bed with a kiss on her forehead and whispering the words, “Goodnight, angel. Mommy loves you”.

One night, with a jolt, came the realization that my own mother used to say and do this exact thing when she put me to bed at night. The memory brought tears to my eyes.

As the months go on, I notice more and more things I do that my mother once did. I’ve even needed her help remembering words to songs I’ve since forgotten.

April 28, 2012
9 and a half months

Newborn Lesson #65: Schedules What?

August 25, 2011: Putting baby on a schedule allows mom to have a schedule again. You know, like bathing and sleeping and cleaning. haha

Day 2 of schedule: Mila slept a glorious 8 hours last night! Woohoo! Now, I’m adding in a scheduled nap. After her 1:45 feeding, she fell asleep…so I put her in her crib and this will now be her afternoon nap.


Update, October 6: As mentioned in the previous post, Mila hasn’t liked this scheduled nap – no matter what time of the afternoon. You’ll see as I go along that this will become the baneĀ of my existence.