Lesson #86: And In The Beginning…

You will miss what you thought would never end.


The morning of July 14, 2011 brought many anxieties. I was nervous and excited. My thoughts, that still echo to this day:

“This is the last day I will feel my baby inside of me. It’s bittersweet. There’s nothing closer, nothing more sacred. It makes me a little sad to say goodbye to this.”

Newborn Lesson #6: Better With Two

Daddy & Mila 09/19/11


July 22, 2011 (8 days old): It’s definitely easier with two. I don’t know what I’d do without Dan.

Dan is my husband and I was a bit worried about him. Then Mila came and all that worry washed away. He was (is) wonderful with Mila. The first few days we were in the hospital, I couldn’t move or really do much of anything. Dan changed Mila’s diaper and held her and rocked her and bundled her. He was the perfect daddy and even to this day he has helped me out and has been an awesome father to Mila. It’s like he’s a natural – born to be a daddy.

Newborn Lesson #5

July 21, 2011 (one week old): Days go by way too fast, (and I can only imagine they’ll go faster). Mila is one week old today and I swear I can still feel her kicks inside of me from time to time. Seems like just yesterday I was wabbling around with a huge belly…and mom was here.

I remember being only a month or so pregnant complaining that pregnancy should be 9 weeks not 9 months. 9 weeks I could handle. My first trimester wasn’t so pleasant…by my second, when I could feel the baby (we opted not to know the gender) inside of me, I was in a constant state of amazement. I loved all the baby’s movements and could have lived like that for, well, for a while anyway.

Nearing the end of my pregnancy, I wasn’t a happy camper. I was pretty short with everyone and cranky. I was ready to offload the extra weight (and lose the swelling) and I was excited to meet my baby. My mom lives in Florida and I was really lucky to have her here when I did give birth. I later apologized to her for being so snippy and she noted how everything changed in me the minute Mila was born. I had nothing but love the moment I exited the delivery room, new baby in my arms.