30 Days of Thankfulness*: Day One

Day One: I’m thankful that we had no damage from Hurricane Sandy; that all of my friends and family were kept safe.

We had a few large branches fall, some hitting the roof creating no visible damage; no flooding in our usually flooded basement; and Mila’s slide fell over.

Other than that, we did lose a cat. I caught a glimpse of Athena running past me while I was outside checking things out on Monday. She was certainly scared, probably cold and wet. I spent 45 minutes wandering around in the hurricane looking for her with no luck. I’ve placed food and milk outside for her, hoping that she’d come back, but I haven’t seen her. Every day, several times a day since, we’ve been looking. My other cat, Apollo, has been moping around the house looking for his sister, while my heart breaks a little more.

Seaside, NJ

I pray for all of those impacted by the destruction – not just at the Jersey Shore – all along the east coast.

The photos are unbelievable. It’s hard to imagine all those places that hold fond memories actually look like this now and that so many people are homeless.

Before and after comparisons of NJ.



*I borrowed this idea from a friend on Facebook.

New Words?

Today as Mila was finishing her corn-on-the-cob, she threw her hands up, yelled “ahhdun!” and handed me her leftover cob. I was so proud of her.

During dinner she noticed the cat and began yelling, “dat!”. I was impressed with how close she came to the actual word.

She’s also getting better and better at pronouncing “more”, (typically said as “mmmm-ah”) and distinguishing when to say it.

It’s funny how right after the doctor asks me if Mila is saying any words, she starts up with them. I’m starting to understand more and more of what she’s trying to communicate and she’s for sure trying to yap something. In fact, she spent almost five minutes the other day talking, yelling and screeching at me and the wall. It was hilarious!