Good Buys: Part II (& Lesson #148)

Another lesson I’ve learned: You never really know what you need until you start using things. I’ve learned a lot from other mothers and even more from my own using.
  • If you’re going to get a Diaper Genie, get the one with the step not the one you have to hand push the diaper into with your bare hands.

    Jan 1, 2013. 2 weeks away from 18 months.

    Jan 1, 2013.
    2 weeks away from 18 months.

  • A small heater has come in handy for Mila’s nursery. We have a decent sized house and to keep the entire thing heated, especially throughout the night, can get pretty expensive. We have a small heater that runs on a thermostat in Mila’s room. When the temperature gets too low, it kicks on, always keeping Mila’s room at a nice 71 degrees. We set the heater this high because she doesn’t like to be bundled and kicks her blankets off almost immediately after going to bed.
  • A humidifier is a must in the winter time. The air gets so dry, add to that the space heater, and Mila gets all dried out. Don’t be fooled – a humidifier is a humidifier. You don’t need to spend a lot on a baby-advertised humidifier when a regular one does just fine.
  • Block books, or any book with thick pages that a baby can’t rip, are good for babies and toddlers. Mila loves her books – even to munch on.
  • Decals or some other form of visual entertainment is a must for those areas that have none, like the changing table.
  • I’m sure I don’t have to say it, but I will. A thermometer and safety kit is a must. You can tell when your baby is running hot – you can feel it. To know exactly how hot and when it’s time to get on the phone with a doctor can only be determined by a thermometer. We have a standard thermometer that I stick in Mila’s arm pit photo-32when I need to take her temperature and we have a temporal thermometer. The latter helps when Mila won’t sit still. That one works best behind the ear.
  • Toy bins are great. I picked a couple of these up at Target for $10 and it makes clean-up so easy. Sure, it’s not as pretty as a stand with different baskets (which Mila would certainly destroy) or a toy box (that Mila may hurt herself on), but it does the job and holds up to Mila’s abusiveness*.
  • Remember those mesh snack holders? Well, they’re kind of difficult to clean, (and the dishwasher leaves them less than desirable). I found that a nail brush works great to clean them.


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*Apparently I make up my own words… 

Lesson #130: Fancy That Up

This is probably one of the best things I’ve ever done. Mila’s changing table is on top of her dresser and started as nothing but a wood cubby hole. When she was very little I added decals* all over the space, (probably after a suggestion from my cousin), to entertain Mila while she was being changed or dressed.

November 4, 2012.
15 months, 21 days.

As she got older, Mila would start pointing at the different animals and I would name them. Now that she’s more than a year old, we go through the animals every night as I lotion her and dress her in her PJs, naming the animals and making the animal sounds. Mila recognized the giraffe right away and is becoming more familiar with the tiger, lion, snake, monkey, kola, hippo, rhino and elephant. She knows that the lion and tiger go “rahh!”, the monkey goes “ooo, ooo, ooo”, and she’s learning that the snake makes a “sssss” sound.

On a side note, Mila has been making the piggy sound for months now (snorting) and we’ve taught her a few others, (the cow says “moo”, for example). It’s been difficult getting this on camera, however, the other day I succeeded!


*I picked up the decals at a local department store for less than ten dollars. One sheet was more than enough to cover the space.