Late to bed or early to rise?

Mila curled up and laid her head on the pillow next to me – all on her own – and watched TV.
May 24, 2012.
10 months, 10 days

Mila’s been all over the board when it comes to sleeping, so I asked myself the other day:

Which would you rather have, early rise with nice naps during the day or less napping and more time available at night?

I thought about this a lot. If Mila took a morning and an afternoon nap, totalling even 2-3 hours, I could actually clean parts of the house. This would mean that I would have to be in bed by 9:30 pm because she would be up at 6 am.

If Mila didnt nap much during the day, I would have tiny breaks that wouldn’t allow me to do much at all until evening, BUT I would get to sleep in…possibly.

What a dilemma, (ha! as if I could really choose). Which would you choose?