Ew, Gross!

Why would you give your child something that you wouldn’t even eat?

Now don’t get me wrong, I prefer not to eat brussel-sprouts, however, I wouldn’t stop Mila from eating them – or anything that was good for her. However, when it comes to processed foods, I’m not a fan. I prefer to give my child foods that I prepare¬†fresh whenever possible.

I was given a few containers of toddler prepared meals* and thought, oh what the heck, let’s try it. Mila wouldn’t touch it. She turned her head and yelled, “no-no-no!” So, I gave it a shot. Wow. It’s gross!



*Really, how can this food be any good when it’s sitting on a shelf for who-knows-how-long AND doesn’t need refrigeration?!

Lessons #124 to 126: Food, Sacrifice & Unchanging Eating Habits

#124: It’s difficult to eat when your child is screaming. “mo, mo, mo!” for her own food.


#125: No matter how much you are enjoying your dinner or dessert, you will give your last bite to your grunting, open-mouthed child.


#126: You’ll give up things you love for your child.

I gave up beer while I was pregnant. And I give up all my chopped pork in my pork-fried rice (my favorite part), because Mila absolutely loves it.


I wrote this back in July 2011, not long after Mila was born. I can say that more than a year later, not much has changed.

My eating habits progressed from little to nothing (no time to eat) to actually getting to eat, only it was a cold meal. I’ve learned to even juggle: my right hand with a spoon in Mila’s mouth and my left hand with a fork in my mouth.

The other day Mila and I had breakfast with my brother, who so astutely noted that he hadn’t seen me eat or finish a full meal in over a year. It was actually nice to have done so.

Lesson #95: Food Tricks

Apparently you can trick a baby into eating what she doesn’t care for much at all.

Mila's first tasting of apples.
December 18, 2011

On the third attempt with peas, I added in sweet potatoes and Mila gobbled it up. No problems at all!

Mila's first experience with peas.
February 5, 2012

That was a while ago… today, I mixed kiwi with banana oatmeal and Mila gobbled it up! She had kiwi with regular oatmeal the other day and made the same faces and coughing noises.

Mila does really well with new foods, not that you’d know it from these pictures. I tried Gala apples the second time around and she liked those much better. The peas are fine as long as they’re mixed with something. And the only thing I haven’t gotten her to eat yet are avocados. Maybe it’s the greasy texture…but those came right back up!