Halloween 2011

I love Halloween and I debated for a long time how I could dress Mila. She’s only 3 and a half months, so I wanted to be careful how extravagant I got. With all of the hand-me-down clothes I received from various people there were also costumes. A chili pepper, which was great to keep her bundled, but I wasn’t planning on taking her out trick-or-treating. Or, a bumble-bee that was absolutely adorable, just a tad too big for her. I chose a simpler route.

I found this onesie online and BINGO! I had us both covered…

I went to work making my costume…

…thinking of what I could add to Mila’s. I happened to find wings in the same color by accident and just had to have them. So, she ended up a Halloween fairy, while I was a mummy, (not a ninja haha). Here’s the final result:

On another note, what’s up with everyone asking me if I was going to take her trick-or-treating? My thoughts:

  1. Mila has no teeth and doesn’t eat solid foods – what would she do with candy?!
  2. Why would I take a 3-month-old out in the freezing cold (yes, the Saturday before Halloween we had a freak snow/hail/sleet storm)?
  3. Mila doesn’t have a clue what’s going on other than she’s going for a walk and all these weird people are in her face oooo-ing and ahhh-ing, (not to mention the scary things running around the neighborhood).
  4. Isn’t that against the “rules” – taking a child trick-or-treating so the parents could get free candy?

I’ll save trick-or-treating for when Mila can actually understand it.