30 Days of Thanks: Day Twelve

Today I am thankful for the memories of my grandfather.

He passed away in 2005 and there’s not a day that goes by that I do not think of him. He decorated for every holiday (even Valentines Day!), so when I put up the Halloween decorations, and especially the Christmas decorations I think of him. When I cook Thanksgiving dinner for my family, I think of him. When I teach Mila colors, I think of how he taught me “lellow” and “urple” and how my grandmother would throw a fit that he taught me the wrong words, (and we would just giggle┬áat her). When I eat Lucky Charms, I think of how he let me eat all the marshmallows and he ate all the cereal. When I have my morning coffee, I think of how I would sit on his lap (or next to him at the table when I got way too big for his poor aching lap) and read the comics with him. When I see Ziggy or Snoopy, I think of him. When I think of the beach and fishing, I think of him. When I see a beautiful sea of colors from blooming flowers in the spring, I think of him.

He was my father before I had a father. He was my best friend. I was his Ande and he was my Poppy.

30 Days of Thankfulness: Day Four

October 22, 2012
15 months, 8 days

November 4: Today I am thankful for my sweet, compassionate, loving, goofball husband, whom I love with all my heart, even after three years of dealing with his annoying Xbox addiction. We hit two years of marriage this past September and like my daughter, he can make me laugh every single day.

Newborn Lesson #6: Better With Two

Daddy & Mila 09/19/11


July 22, 2011 (8 days old): It’s definitely easier with two. I don’t know what I’d do without Dan.

Dan is my husband and I was a bit worried about him. Then Mila came and all that worry washed away. He was (is) wonderful with Mila. The first few days we were in the hospital, I couldn’t move or really do much of anything. Dan changed Mila’s diaper and held her and rocked her and bundled her. He was the perfect daddy and even to this day he has helped me out and has been an awesome father to Mila. It’s like he’s a natural – born to be a daddy.