Lesson #91: It’s Gonna Happen

There’s no way of avoiding it. If your baby’s sick, you’ll soon be sick too.

Mila picked up the bug from her cousin, Ella, who picked it up from either her sister or brother who are school-age. Mila than kindly shared her germs with  Halmoni, (her Korean grandmother), and eventually passed it on to me. Oh what fun!

But the truly sad part of all of this is my poor baby. She gets to the point where she can’t breathe out of her nose, so with mouth open she can’t suck on her binky. It makes for some frequent wakings throughout the night that aren’t so pleasant. She’s not always so cranky, like you would think. It seems to be more of an annoyance than anything else, which is good (if she has to be sick at all). It’s just dragging on for so long and we can’t do much for the poor baby.

I wipe the snot off of her little nose, and kiss her all over her neck and face. It’s really no wonder I picked up her bug and I’m ok with that.