Mila’s 5 Months!

At 5 months, Mila has started grabbing everything – including noses, faces, ears, necklaces and earrings! She’s pulling hair, throwing stuff and takin’ names!

Mila has said her first word, and the first time she’s said it clearly: mama. Yay! I’m loving it.

Mila’s responding more effectively to our voices and even her name. She has figured out how to launch her binki out of her mouth (with a big ‘pffft’). It usually goes flying and there have been times where it’s gone completely missing. She throws her toys, (maybe she’ll be a softball player after all) and grabs my phone and tosses it.

She’s begun to reach out to people. During the holiday party at work, Dan brought Mila in for a visit. As we walked around the building, stopping at different offices to show-off, Mila would reach out as if to say “hi”. Mostly she would grab hands and fingers that would reach out to her open hand.

December 21, 2011
Sitting up on her own for one of the first times.

Mila has begun to shift her toys from hand to hand and holds her bottle on her own. She’s also taken up tilting her head to one side, (like I’ve seen with cats and birds), and she can sit on her own!

Statistics: coming soon.