Mila Gets a Haircut!

12 months, 17 days

Mila’s hair is crazy. She was born with a full head of it and yes, I had heartburn like crazy! As her hair continued to grow, it grew uneven and there were long pieces in the front of each side of her head. Having all this hair is great for pony tails and hair clips and barrettes; it’s not so great for all of these things because Mila began to pull out all the bands and barrettes.

“Stink Face”

When Mila wakes up in the morning, she has a couple of hours playing in her jammies, which means her hair is in her face and eyes. I’m constantly messing with her hair and I finally decided that it was time for a cut!

I took Mila to Kids Kuts hoping that she wouldn’t freak out. Well, she didn’t. The entire experience was quite anticlimactic. She sat in a little red car and watched a little boy get his hair cut. At one point, she noticed there was a steering wheel on her car and she grabbed it and began to twist it left and right, having a grand ol’ time. Mila had her hair trimmed, evened and her bangs cut. It came out cute!


Newborn Lesson #39

August 9, 2011: Enjoy your pregnancy and don’t become attached to anything – the good or the not so good. It all fades.

For example, my hair and nails never grew so fast, (and no it wasn’t the prenatal vitamins, because I’m still taking them); I can bend over again; I can walk again without wobbling; I see Mila’s twitching and remember that feeling inside of me, yet I don’t remember the pain.