Newborn Lesson #40: Hurtful Words

August 9, 2011: Try your best not to let other people’s words hurt you.

When Mila was first-born (in the hospital and then right after being home), comments made had me very upset (to the point of tears). I kept telling myself that I was still emotional (or hormonal) and that these people were only trying to help — no matter how hurtful or wrong they may have been.

Here’s an article I found helpful:

Unwanted parenting advice — how to defend yourself

By Barbara Rowley,


August 9, 2011 8:54 a.m. EDT

( — As a baby, my daughter Anna refused to wear her shoes or socks. Not a big deal if we lived on a sunny beach. But we live in Montana — and she was born in late October. So the first line of the mother-daughter battlefield was drawn: I put her shoes and socks on, she worked them off. If she was lucky, she’d push them off when we were in transit and they’d be lost forever. Score: Anna 1, Mom 0. Continue reading