Mila Goes Pickin’!

Yesterday we went pickin’! Mila and I along with Kim and her three little ones took a trip to Johnson’s Farm for a little peach picking. Turns out, the tour took us to pick corn too! Mila experienced her first farm, hay ride, corn field and orchard all in one day!

We took the hay ride across the farm into the orchard full of peach trees. We walked around, found what should be the juiciest peaches, (“redder is better”) and picked them. I held her and let Mila choose a peach. She stretched, pointed and reached up to grab her peach. After I picked and handed it to her, she took a big ol’ bite out of it! I must say, she picked one of the best peaches I have ever tasted.

July 30, 2012
12 months, 6 days

After our stop at the orchard, we took the scenic route to the corn fields. Along the way we saw rows of huge sunflowers dancing in the afternoon sky. We reached the corn fields and the kids were set loose running through the rows of waving corn. We learned how to pick and came home with armfuls. I can’t wait to do this when Mila can really run around and pick her own!