She So Boldly Went

It only took 11 months and 8 days. I’ve been told over and over by many to always carry an extra set of clothes — for me! Thank goodness I was at home because Mila just pooed ALL over the both of us.

I have no idea how it happened. I grabbed her to change her and thought, oh yeah, you pooped. Oh my, it’s strong! Oh, wait, what the…. Yep, all over my pants and shirt and her outfit too!


Well put, Star Trek.

Newborn Lesson #48: Gag!

August 11, 2011: Once a gag factor, always a gag factor.

I remember being asked, oh so often, “what are you going to do when you have a baby?” Well, here I am and good God! What emanates from this girl is only going to grow stronger, more colorful and well, grosser. I don’t know if I can handle it. I can only hope that my gag factor changes and I can become somewhat immune to the nastiness.

Newborn Lesson #47: Vicks and The Internet

August 11, 2o11 (4 weeks old): The internet will become your best friend…and so will Vicks!

Oh man was that the worst smelling diaper ever! After finding that covering my face only hid some of the smell, a friend recommended a dab of Vicks under the nose, (it does actually help so now it’s sitting by the changing table).

I couldn’t remember what the pediatrician said about poop so, after this experience I went searching.

The 411 on Baby Poop

The internet has been so extremely helpful since bringing Mila home. I’ve been careful in believing everything I read and make sure to back up what I find by talking to experienced friends, family and our pediatrician. Two sites I’ve found legitimate and helpful: