Lesson #117: UhUhUhUh, Staying Alive!

Having a baby makes you a dancer. For better or worse, you’ll dance: when you have your baby in your arms and a good song comes on the radio or when you look down and your baby’s reaching up to you, you grab her hands and swing her around or…

When you’re ever so quietly attempting to exit her room, backwards, while she lays peacefully almost asleep in her crib. You reach back with one leg, crossing over the other leg, keeping your knees bent as you gently place your foot over the spot where you think the floor creeks. Repeat until you’re in the doorway slowly pulling the door closed in front of you, being ever so careful not to make any noise as you click the latch into place. Then you step away from the door – in the same manner – and walk down the hallway and down the stairs avoiding every spot of the hardwood floor that squeals in rebellion to your weight shifting from step to step; gently placing your feet on parts of the steps that aren’t normally ¬†walked upon, until you reach the bottom and sigh with relief.

And after all of this, only to have your baby shuffle, roll over and scream her head off. So, you turn around, walk up the steps lightly and do it all again.