Lesson #135: Young at Heart

October 11, 2012 3 days shy of 15 months.

October 11, 2012
3 days shy of 15 months.


Having a child is the greatest enjoyment because you can again be a child yourself: laughing, running around, rolling down hills, picking wild flowers, playing in the rain, jumping in mud puddles, playing at the park, swinging high on swings, zipping down slides…

You live vicariously thorough your baby.

*October 7, 2012; one week away from 15 months.

Newborn Lesson #12

July 27, 2011: Good advice I was recently given: When a baby is crying so hard that she seems to stop breathing, blow in her mouth. The baby will immediately take a breath in and you are that much closer to calming her down.

I’ve used this tactic quite a few times. When Mila gets REALLY angry, she turns red and screams so hard she almost forgets to breath in. The moment I gently breathe into her face, she stops, takes a breath in and the red begins to drain from her face. She doesn’t stop crying altogether, but it does help.