Lesson #142: Backwards Style

(And no, I don’t mean those crazy kids from the 90s that wore their clothes backwards…)

You will at some point put your daughter’s shoes on backwards…and not notice.

For me, this happened a few weeks ago and Dan noticed. Whoops! Then I did it again the other day. We were in a store when Mila decided she no longer wanted her shoes. Ok, no big deal, she’s in the shopping cart. As we are checking out, I put her shoes back on, loaded the cart and walked outside. This is what I found right before I got to the car:

January 31, 2013. 16 and a half months.

January 31, 2013.
16 and a half months.

Now how many people were in line behind me, laughing?

30 Days of Thanks: Day Ten

Today I am thankful that I can provide for my child without any hardship. (Honestly, I think Mila is spoiled and something needs to change about that).

When I was young, my parents struggled to provide for my brother and I. I had a lot of hand-me-down clothes from my cousin, (that quickly didn’t work for me because she’s so petite) and we had a lot of boxed macaroni and cheese and hotdogs for dinner, (which may be why I loathe hotdogs now). I did learn values from this and there isn’t a single thing I regret from my childhood. I’m just thankful that I don’t have to feel that struggle and desperation that my mother did, and that if Mila destroys a pair of shoes, I can easily go out and buy her a new pair.

Lesson #94: Shoes – Another Function

For a child that won’t keep socks on, shoes are great!


I always thought it was crazy buying and putting shoes on a baby that doesn’t walk or spend any time on his feet. Then there was Mila.

Mila hates socks and kicks and kicks and kicks until she can get them to fly off her feet. Most of the time I can’t find one of them so she now has several half-pairs.

Because it’s winter, (or at least when I was originally writing this), when we go out, I put socks on her AND shoes. The shoes are to hold her socks on so that her feet don’t freeze. I can’t say she really likes this idea much better, but at least her feet are warm.

Word of advice: get soft shoes. Her hard-soles hurt like crazy when she kicks my shins!


Update: As the weather is getting nicer, even though Mila’s not walking yet, we put shoes on her still. We use her walker outside on the concrete patio and if she didn’t have shoes on, her feet would end up all banged up and dirty. She tends to drag her feet a bit, so it’s safer to put little shoes on her. I just picked these up.

I had to go hard-soled so that she could walk on the pavement. ūüôā

Outdated Advice & Baby Myths

Let’s break up these “lessons” a bit with a little article posted today on Yahoo’s Shine.

14 Most Outdated Pieces of Baby Advice

Much of yesterday’s baby wisdom has been proven untrue today. We checked in with¬†Parents¬†advisor¬†Ari Brown, M.D., author of¬†Baby 411, to get the scoop on why these old-school¬†parenting facts¬†have become fiction.

By Amanda First

Myth: Infants need to be bathed every day.
The truth:¬†Babies don’t get stinky from sweat the way adults do, so they only¬†need a bath¬†every two or three days (except following a major diaper explosion!). If it’s part of your wind-down routine, a daily bath is perfectly okay too–just moisturize afterwards.

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