Revisiting Lesson #120: SILENCE ISN’T ALWAYS GOLDEN

Remember this post? Yup, it doesn’t end. I was cooking the other day when Mila got real quiet. I went looking around for her, only to find a pile of shredded cheese surrounding my daughter and this shoved in her mouth.

November 5, 2012 Almost 16 months

November 5, 2012
Almost 16 months

Mila is getting so tall, and I forget this sometimes, that she actually reached up onto the counter and grabbed my cheese. I guess she was hungry.

Lesson #120: Silence Isn’t Always Golden

When your baby’s quiet is when you need to worry.

I was cleaning while Mila was playing throughout the two rooms connected to the kitchen. I listened to her walk around and pick up and drop toys, push buttons, plays music and roll cars across the hardwood floors. Then all of a sudden there was nothing. Not a single sound in the entire house. My suspicions grew as I walked into the other room to find her just standing at the window, her back to me. I walked up to her and realized why she was so quiet: she had gotten ahold of one of my small tomatoes and had squished it in her hand, on her clothes and all over the windowsill. Nice, kid. Real nice.


Funny, 2 months after this post, I found this: