You Are My Sunshine

My mother used to sing this to me when I was little. I now sing it to Mila, (in my off-key voice).

This song triggers something inside of me and can make my cheeks instantly wet if I’m not careful, (really, the lyrics are a bit depressing but she is my sunshine).


Newborn Lesson #7: Music to My Ears

July 23, 2011 (9 days old): This is where made up songs come from…

Pretty girl, pretty girl, prettiest girl in the whole wide world!

I’ve used this song in many variations over the last 2 months, along with a couple of others that just happen in the spur of the moment. Dad has his own songs, too. The bath-time song, “naked baby”, which also plays to the same tune as several others he’s made up, like “cranky baby”. Wonder what Mila would say about our silly songs if she could talk…