Newborn Lesson #3

July 21, 2011 (one week old): The littlest of things just break your heart. Like that tiny sob right before the wail of pain from being stuck by a needle. Mean doctors!

Mila had several bilirubin tests in her first week of life even though they never reached concerning levels.  She started at 8.0 and then reached 12.0 (both safe levels from what we were told). When her third test had the same result (12.0) she was done with testing.

In order to test the jaundice levels in a baby, the nurse takes a square, plastic contraption then pricks a spot on the heel of the foot. Blood starts to flow and the nurse captures it into a vial, pushing and pinching the foot to get more blood. Imagine this feeling – you’re pricked in your foot and then you can’t move because you’re being held down and squeezed. Maybe it wouldn’t hurt us so much since over time our feet have become hard and callused. Still, not fun.