Lesson #114: Ocupada

Sometimes you have to be inventive, get creative or…just take an idea from another mother. A mother of three usually has great ideas.

July 16, 2012
12 months, 2 days

At the recommendation of my cousin, (that mother of three), I added a few books to Mila’s crib-corner. For the first week or two, Mila would wake up in the morning and instead of crying to be let out, she would go over and grab the books. She’d turn the pages and play until she got bored, at which point, she’d cry to get me. It was a great idea and really¬†seemed to help me get that extra 15-20 minutes of rest in the morning.

I started with stuffed animals in her crib, even before the books. Now that this seems to not be working so well anymore, I think I’ll change it up and add/replace these items with other items and see how that works.

Don’t Wait!

I’m so glad we lowered Mila’s crib last month, (February 28th, really – at 7 and a half months). We didn’t want an accident and with her moving around so much and it was just a matter of time before she figured out how to sit up on her own or pull herself up and out of the crib entirely.

This morning, as is our typical routine, I got out of the shower and went into my room to dress. Mila is usually asleep still, and this morning I saw her on the monitor wake up and begin to move around. She wasn’t fussing, just moving around on her belly. I watched her as she sat herself up, (oh my goodness – that’s a first!!), leaned over, grabbed a stuffed bunny and stuck it in her mouth. She sat there, (as I sat in the other room watching), playing and talking to herself and waving to the dim and quiet room. I thought it was so cute I couldn’t tear myself away from the monitor to get ready!

When I was ready, I went into her room to get her ready. She still wasn’t crying or fussing at all – just sitting there playing. This is what I found:

My good little girl…


Mila’s 8 and a half months-old now.