Lesson #121: GO, GO, GO!

When a baby becomes bored with something, you find something new to entertain her.

For example, Mila liked sitting in the front of the shopping cart…then she didn’t. She would whine to be picked up or let out so I figured what the hey, let’s put her IN the cart!

August 20, 2012
13 months, 6 days

She loved it! She started yelling, (which you can’t tell from these photos because that pesky binky is stuck in her mouth), “GO, GO, GO!” And thus started her next word addiction.

Of course, I missed the “go, go, go” and she wouldn’t do it again.

New Words?

Today as Mila was finishing her corn-on-the-cob, she threw her hands up, yelled “ahhdun!” and handed me her leftover cob. I was so proud of her.

During dinner she noticed the cat and began yelling, “dat!”. I was impressed with how close she came to the actual word.

She’s also getting better and better at pronouncing “more”, (typically said as “mmmm-ah”) and distinguishing when to say it.

It’s funny how right after the doctor asks me if Mila is saying any words, she starts up with them. I’m starting to understand more and more of what she’s trying to communicate and she’s for sure trying to yap something. In fact, she spent almost five minutes the other day talking, yelling and screeching at me and the wall. It was hilarious!